Mystery Shopping

Whether face to face or over the telephone we provide a range of independent Mystery Shopping solutions.

Looking for someone to complete mystery shopping? If you would like to know how your team are performing and whether enquiry management is impacting your occupancy, our team are here to help.

Home Visit

  • Were the directions provided correctly?
  • What are the initial impressions of the service upon arrival?
  • Was the team welcoming on arrival?
  • Did you get a good feel for the home?
  • Did the team give you the information you were able to understand?
  • Did the team offer you refreshment?
  • Did the team provide you with a brochure?
  • Did the team make contact after the visit?
  • Was the home clean and tidy?
  • Did you get to walk around the service?
  • Were staff and residents engaged?

Test Calls

  • How are your team presenting themselves?
  • What questions are they asking to identify the needs of the caller?
  • Are your team tempting the caller to encourage them to arrange a home visit?
  • Are your team seeking a commitment of the caller to make an appointment?
  • How do your team close their calls, handing over all the details to ensure an effective visit and send a confirmation email/letter?
  • What is the general first impression of the home and its team?

Need someone to mystery shop a care service?

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