Care Quality & Compliance Support

Care Quality and Compliance Consultancy services provided by Unique Social Care for nursing homes, residential homes, supported living and domiciliary care.

We provide care quality and compliance consultancy services to help you delivering quality care and support, including: –

  • Mock CQC inspections – we can tailor the length of the inspection to the service we are inspecting and once completed will provide you with a detailed report based on the key lines of enquiry and an action plan to address any concerns that we identify during our inspection.
  • Provider compliance visits – not all services have the benefit of a quality and compliance team. We can provide a monthly or quarterly quality visit for your service (s) based on the key lines of enquiry and any other areas of the business that you would like us to cover and produce you with a detailed report and an action plan to address any concern we identify during our visit.
  • CQC representations – we are able to help you develop detailed representations following any Care Quality Commission judgements and have a specialist interested in representations linked to a Notice of Proposal or Notice of Decision.
  • CQC registration applications – we can help you complete the necessary documentation to register a new service with the Care Quality Commission.
  • Registered manager support – we are able to provide practical support for new or existing registered managers and help guide them through the CQC registration process.


We have a suite of tried and tested audits and an inspection tool that guarantees excellence, so if you require support with the care quality and compliance consultancy of your care and support service, please contact us for a free 30-minute telephone consultation.

Do you need support with care quality and compliance?

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